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Why Use SongSplits?

SongSplits is loaded with great features to make tracking copyrights easy.

FREE to Use

SongSplits is 100% FREE to use for music creators all around the world. Create as many split agreements as you like. Access, update and share them at any time.

Hosto & Soft

One Place

Word Docs. PDFs. Excel sheets. Emails. Text messages. Your manager's computer. Music publisher and society databases. Now all in one place.

Stays In Sync

Whether you are creating, confirming or modifying a split sheet, SongSplits keeps everyone in the loop to avoid surprises, conflicts and licensing delays.

What's New?

New features designed to help you get more out of using SongSplits.


You asked; we delivered. Instead of only documenting what portion of a work that you control, you can now document what role that you contributed.

Quick Confirm

Now confirm splits even faster right from your catalog view. See your suggested split for each work that you have contributed to and sign off on them easily.


Manage all of your creative relationships in one place. Stay current with their contact info. See a summary of the work you have created with each person.

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