Is the app really FREE? Will it always be FREE?

Yes, the app is (and will always be) 100% FREE for songwriters, producers and musicians to add, view and confirm their song splits.

What exactly is this app and who is it for?

The SongSplits App was created to help you manage all of your songs, cues and unfinished tracks as well as the agreements between you and your co-writers. It's a simple but important app for every songwriter, producer, musician and/or artist.

I already have a method for managing my splits. Why should I manage them here?

Managing your own splits is relatively simple. Managing how your split fits into the larger pie is not always as simple. If you are a part of the 90% of songwriters who work with other songwriters and producers, managing how your split fits into that larger pie is the most critical step in securing credit and income for your work. SongSplits provides a simple, FREE, web-based tool so you can see how everything fits together and where everyone stands in real-time.

Isn't this my manager/attorney/publisher's job to manage this stuff?

You may be surprised, but the answer is "No". Your "business partners" are usually not around during the creation process so it's usually impossible for them to determine what your share should be. You, the writer, know what you contributed to the work and what you agreed upon with your co-writers. Therefore you are best qualified to claim and confirm your own splits.

Why haven't I heard of SongSplits until now?

SongSplits has only been available to the songwriting community since June 2012. However, in less than 4 months, SongSplits is already managing tens of thousands of songwriters splits for thousands of songwriters. Many you would easily recognize; several whom you've probably worked with.

Does SongSplits work with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.?

SongSplits is not directly affiliated with any performance society. However, writers can set their accounts to have their confirmed split information emailed to their society (as well as their manager, attorney or publisher).

Is this just for U.S. based songwriters?

No. Songwriters who use SongSplits currently represent more than 30 countries around the world and growing.

Somethings wrong! What's up with the bugs?

SongSplits is still in beta testing so you may occasionally find a bug or two. We apologize in advance and it would really help us alot if you Report It